• I can´t access VR Space, I can´t see anything.
    Do you have a VRML-Plugin installed? We prefer BLAXXUN CONTACT, but there are some alternatives around: Cortona or Xj3D

  • I can´t access VR Space, there is a gray field beneath the 3D Window:
    You need to disable Sun´s Java Plugin in the Options of your IE (tools -> internet options -> advanced) like displayed in that image.

  • I don´t have a username and a password. Where can i register?
    You don´t have to. Just type your username and password once, VR Space will save it and create your account.


  • Why 'VRSpace'?
    Because most of the virtual-something and VR-anything domains are already registered :)

  • What can it be used for?
    Just like anything, depends on imagination. Games, data visualization and business presentation can be just the beginning. You can connect anything that opens a socket, that is, virtually everything, to a VRSpace server. So use it for visualization and teledirection of robots, asynchronous message transfer or GIS, if you wish (and know how).
    And have a look at the demo picture.

  • About avatars...
    VRSpace does not require any specific avatar structure. It just forwards user events to all the instances of avatar in the world. However, one should use H-anim compliant avatars. Avatar Studio 2 avatars are supported too, but need to be changed to be used.
  • There are some other 3D community engines.
    Yes there are, but we don't like them, so we'll write our own :)
  • Please propose some related books.
    Some of us are deeply inspired after reading some books by William Gibson, Roger Zelazny and Neal Stephenson. Although their imagination is invaluable, these writers will not explain you even how to write a for/next loop :)
  • VRML(97) is...
    Virtual Reality Modeling Language. Version 1.0 (now obsolete) is based on OpenInventor (SGI). Version 2.0 introduced many new features, including time dimension, sensors and scripting interfaces. VRML97 is slightly modified VRML 2.0, standardized by ISO. More info:

  • Why VRML?
    VRML is non-proprietary standard. Required plug-ins exist for both widely-used Web browsers (IE, Netscape), though, not yet for all platforms. It has the functionality (text, links, pictures etc.) of HTML. VRML looks impressive, so users will easy 'hook' to it. From programmer's side, it eliminates a need to write 3D graphics engine, event routing handler etc. Also, many 3D-modeling tools have export option to VRML.
  • Why cross-platform? Why Java?
    Because some machines, operating systems and applications better serve one purpose than others. User should choose which one is best for the purpose. And programmers should be programmers, not windows programmers, or unix programmers. For more info, ask anyone who ever ported programs to other platforms :)
  • JavaScript is...
    Scripting language formerly developed by Netscape Corp., suitable for simple in-memory tasks and built into Web browsers. Older version was also known as ECMAScript (standardized under ECMA-262). Microsoft's implementation of JavaScript is called JScript. Except for similar syntax JavaScript has nothing in common with Java.